Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


After a few Gremlins got into last week's episode, Benny has a crack down and we find the last of the Kraken Cove wild indigenous Gremlins...

After the bloodbath, Matt and Benny discuss Ball Checking Machines! Lost Seals! Flat Earth Sailors! Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo! Persistent Crab Evolution! Magical Cheese! And much, much more!


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In this episode, Matt & Benny are excited about the presidential inauguration, but they dfinitel have their wires crossed!

They get back on track with stories about Bison Cowboys, bog pythons, fanny candles, self harming space robots, BALLDO and sausage miners!Let the new regime begin!

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the Kraken Cove lighthouse is under siege! Luckily, Benny has an unusual method of dispersing crowds and Matt is more that relieved!

In this episode we look at madness around the world. From crazed conspiracy theorists storming the Capitol, to sex arse madness at the British borders, and a bleak outlook for 2021 courtesy of Nostradamus, there's never been a better time to hunker in the bizarre bunker that is KRAKEN COVE!

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It's New Year's Day in the Kraken Cove lighthouse kitchen. Benny and Matt test each others wits with some games, before Matt casts out his light to see what he can see.

And what a cast!

We find extinct species rediscovered, some mixed predictions for 2021 from a dead Bulgarian mystic, a dinosaur that looks to be sleeping, a Star Trek officer going where no man has gone before, limitless power, Roman snack bars, AND MORE!!

So bring in the New Year with some cheer, sod dry January, crack a cheeky beer and chill out with KRAKEN COVE!!

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