Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


Rowboat Pete drops Benny off at the landing platform after a tough few weeks at the docks, and Benny does a bit of casting of his own!

Afterwards, Matt gets down to business. In this episode, the lads examine pirate skeletons, the discovery of disturbing dolls at a paranormal hot spot, more gender reveal party pandemonium, a butt bit by a bear, The Great Lentini, and a dive into the weird musical world of The Eccentronic Research Council!

Put on your lifebelts and hold your noses, it's time for KRAKEN COVE!

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It's pancake day at Kraken Cove, and Benny watches Matt toss one off in the kitchen before they settle down to a lovely bit of casting.

In this episode we look at fresh Dyatlov Pass news, a diamond worth $24 million, Death Whistles and ancient horns, dinosaur theories, cocaine hippos and cocaine tortoises, ways to die in 17th century London, Zoom Goats and much, much more!

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Down at Kraken Cove, Matt & Benny prepare for The Beast from the East!

They settle down in front of a roaring fire, and Matt casts his light out, shining on Monkeys with Musk mind chips, pricey space rock auctions, mummies with golden tongues, Whittie heckler's punishment, spiteful octopus aggro and much, much more!

So download Kraken Cove, tell your pals and please leave a five star review wherever possible!

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There's nothing like a bracing walk along the shores of Kraken Cove, but watch your step! There's some weird things that wash up on those wind whipped beaches...

Amongst the Flotsam & Jetsam of this week's episode, the boys pick apart the worldwide problem of ghost vilages, a 17 year high in cicada emergence, Biblical Bongs and the strange tale of the Kyshtym Dwarf! And much, much more!

So pull on your wellies, make sure your Tetanus shot is up to date, and join us at KRAKEN COVE!

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