Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


It's the annual migratory bird count at Kraken Cove but the boys get an eyeful of more than they bargained for!

Whilst settled in the heather with a hip flask, they decide to do a spot of casting!

This week, Matt and Benny, the Kraken Cove Lighthouse keepers, examine Oxygen Enemas, chicken brains, the exhumation os Somerton Man, the Púca of Ennistymon, Yasuke the Slave, Horror Express and so much more!!

So settle in for a rollercoaster ride of trivia and nonsense at KRAKEN COVE!!

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It's touch and go at Kraken Cove as a gantry gives way and Matt has to save Benny in a VERY unconventional manner!

Cating resumes, however, and the lads study The Gorbals Vampire! Screaming Basement Fresh News! Genital Grabbing! Shattered Glass Bridges! Nuclear Madness!

All this, and much more, at KRAKEN COVE!!!



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It's time for Episode 43 of Kraken Cove, and the lads are rattled by what seems to be an earthquake on the island!

When everything calms down, they settle in for a good old spot of casting!

This week Matt shines a light on yet another Gender Reveal, a couple of creepy cottages, a robotic trunk that can learn, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Lake, a bloke who's had the same supper for 10 years, and we wonder, WAS DRACULA REAL??

All this and more, at KRAKEN COVE!!!

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