Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


Welcome to episode 48 of KRAKEN COVE!

In this episode, Matt and Benny discuss the phantom islad of Hy Brasil, Noah's Ark that isn't seaworthy, actual portals between countries, Odin's Skull amulet, Ambergris and much, much more!!

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Join Benny and Matt beneath the waves as we delve into the weird and wonderful world of the cephalopods.

Squids, octopuses, cuttlefish, and the vast mythical cousin of all these creatures, THE KRAKEN, we investigate the myths, legends and even stranger truths of these marvelous denizens of the deep.

So get into your diving gear and climb aboard our mini sub as we explore the mysterious deeps around KRAKEN COVE!!!

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It's holiday time at Kraken Cove, so Matt & Benny go to their favourite holiday destination...


In their caravan, they discuss the TikTok boss who quits to do more daydreaming, another exploding fanny candle, The Mount Owen Claw, a fake Stegasaurus tragedy, The Poison Garden and much, much more!

So slap on that Factor 50 and join us at KRAKEN COVE!!

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