Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


After a short break, Matt & Benny settle down in Kraken Cove Lighthouse and cast it's light out over the weird news stories, cryptozoological conundrums and occurences of high weirdness that catch their eye.

This week we have more Musk news, a mystery bird that puzzled 1920's Manchester, a feathered flying ant frenzy, a flying pig, Stinky Bay and the notorious Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey!

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A deal is going down at Kraken cove, and Benny plays it cool while Matt's knees tremble!

Later, the lads calm down with a bit of casting.

This week they check out a massive coffin fire, The Flintstone House, DENTASLIM, the Umarells of Italy, The Stick Boy, and the strange deaths of the Star Wars Scientists!

And much more!

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It's Episode 49 of Kraken Cove Podcast, and Benny and Matt are all at sea... literally!

Matt hopes a bit of casting will get them out of this pickle, so while they drift out to sea they examine Elon Musk's plan to nuke Mars, a murder case blamed on the Djinn, squids in space, a very reluctance accidental billionaire, acid attack priest, and monks adrift for God!

So pop on your lifejacket and join us at KRAKEN COVE!

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