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Welcome to Episode 60 of KRAKEN COVE PODCAST and here we are at Halloween! Unfortunately Matt has contracted the Plague ( COVID-19) so Benny is keeping him at bay with hammer, nails and the trusty Lighthouse Luger!

When the dust settles, we also settle down for a spot of casting!

We have a terrifying Dogman encounter, strange lights in a local spot of high strangeness, a lost road that briefly reopened, a chilling UFO encounter, a sinister artist, A School Haunting, Benny's own investigations and a Whitby Terror!

One of our contributors, Marty McGowan is also a film maker, so please take a look at his work. He's made a film called Mockingbird and it's on YouTube for everyone to enjoy!

Here's a link:

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Welcome to our mini Halloween Special!

In this Lite House Edition, Matt tells the tale of a very real, yet very strangeĀ  occurence in the Far East...

It's only a taster to set you on for Halloween though! The main show will be released on Sunday!

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Welcome to the third of our four Halloween episodes!

In this episode, Matt and Benny huddle around an increasingly dubious campfire and examine a whole swathe of unusal tales...


We also have some chilling folk music. Here's links to the tracks you'll hear. If you like the music, please BUY a track. it always helps all musicians on any level. Keep creatives creating!!

The Unthanks - Died for Love

Shirley & Dolley Collins - The cruel Mother

Siobhan Miller - The Unquiet Grave

Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

The Imagined Village - Cold Hailey Rainy Night

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Knoxville Girl

Fairport Convention - Matty Groves

Rising Apalachia - Oh Death

Frank McConnell - Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire

Christy Moore - On Morecambe Bay

Thanks for listening folks and please remember to give us a rating wherever you can. Krake Cove is still a tiny fish in a fathomless pond, so any help you can give helps immeasurably.

It's also not too late to get in touch with your strange tales for the final show!

Contact us at

See you soon!

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Welcome to KRAKEN COVE, episode 58, and another Halloween special!

This is a shorter show, but hopefully still a tantalising treat! Benny is out searching for ghost stories so I'm joined by a much loved friend of the show, Deep Dive Dave!

Dave researches and discusses a superb case, a chess game specially arranged between Russian grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi and Hungarian grandmaster Geza Maroczy. The twist? Geza Maroczy had been dead for 34 years!

Listen to Dave's gripping narrative of these turn of events at the podcast that ALWAYS shines a Beacon onto the Bizarre, Kraken Cove!!!!

Remember, if you have a strange story of your own, please get in touch! Send it to in either written or recorded form and it might get on the show and be in with a chance of winning a copy of Damnable Tales by Richard Wells!

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We're excited to begin Spooky October at Kraken Cove with some casting around the camp fire!

Join Benny and Matt as they sizzle sausages on sticks, and take a look at a sinister stabby doll behind a wall, the bizarre Tsuchinoko, The Deadliest Stretch of River in the World, The werewolves of Ireland, and finally Swift Runner, the Real Life Wendigo!

Have you got a Spooky Story of your own? Want to hear it on the show? Then get in touch!

Reach out to us on Instagram @krakencovepod on Twitter @KrakenCove or email

You can either write down your strange experience or even better, record a voicemail and tell us exactly what happened!! Reach out on any of the above media and you could be in with a chance of winning an amazing prize, a copy of Damnable Tales, a Folk Horror Anthology illustrated and curated by Richard Wells!

Do get involved and help us make Halloween extra spooky!

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It's our first episode going into Halloween, so we're going in easy with a classic case - the strange abduction, and reappearance, of ZIGMUND ADAMSKI!

Adamski was a Poish born coal miner from Tingley, West Yorkshire, who disappeared under strange circumstances in June 1980. His reappearance five days later was even stranger, and far more sinister...

And what of Alan Godfrey, the stalwart policeman who was first on the scene? Could his experiences possibly be any weirder?

Press PLAY to find out!

Over the Halloween month of October we hope to do at least one episode of true life spooky stories, and we'd like to either interview YOU or here your story on voicemail. it's dead easy! Just record your experience, and email your story to

Alternatively message us on twitter @KrakenCove and let us know you've been spooked, or on Instagram @krakencovepod to get on the show! We have a special prize for the best story too!

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