Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


Merry Christmas one and all from the crew at Kraken Cove Lighthouse!!
It's episode 65 and Matt & Benny are dry and warm by the fireside at Kraken Cove while the winter winds howl, and the light pours out across the bay.
But we cast that light in other directions too!
This week we look at the job vacancy for a King of Piel Island, there's Nana Baubles and her record breaking danglers, the totally tragic Mr Christmas, there's a TV celebrity who's jarred surprises might be the perfect gift for that special someone, Gemma Collins mum and her alien encounter, and finally we travel the world looking at those weird Yule traditions other cultures find perfectly normal at this time of year!
So raise a glass, tear of a drumstick and have a vicious drunken argument with your nearest and dearest, because it's time for CHRISTMAS KRAKEN COVE!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Cove!

Join Ben And Matt as they discuss a poorly pup who has a guilty secret, a massive secret of a different sort in the cellar of an abandoned mill, the 1561 Nuremberg Sky Battle, how astronauts cure Squashed Eye Syndrome and the leaking bones of Santa Claus!!

All this and much, much more in Episode 64 of KRAKEN COVE!!

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It's Episode 63 of Kraken Cove and Benny is back!

After wandering the island for two weeks, lost cold and blind, the lazy lad has finally found the lightlhouse so Matt can crack on with some casting!

This week the lads look at a rather embarassing Bomb in a Bloke's Bum, Yvette Fielding's near death horse ouija board mash-up, the possibility of multiple AI Bennys, The Toronto Clown vs Firemen Riot and much more!

If you enjoy Kraken Cove, please tell your pals, and if possible leave a review! Believe us, it really, really helps!

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Good evening, friends, and welcome to the first edition of KRAKEN COVE RADIO, a show that will occasionally replace the usual style of show when Benny isn't able to make it to The Cove due to blindness, plague, gout or wankstroke.

This week Matt treats all you podballs to some smooth tunes and even smoother casting. we've no listings, just a fun pot luck of odd topics, strange snippets and weird events.

So slip into a kaftan, pour yourself a sweet glass of chilled Liebfraumilch and rest your ears on the dulcet tones of Matt, your host for the evening.

Ciao, baby...

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