Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.

April 28, 2022

Episode 77 - Sandown Clown! Hobby Horse Death! The Kappa!

It's episode 77 of Kraken Cove!

Yet again we struggle a bit to stay weeekly but hopefully we're still pretty regular!

This week Benny and Matt take a pootle around Kraken Cove graveyard, and while there they ponder the opening of a mystery sarcophagus at Notre Dame, some scary scarecrow sexy action, The Sandown Clown, Rock and Roll ghosts, The Japanese Kappa and a brief look at English traditions including the Sheela na Gig!

We're committed to creating new shows, but time isn't always with us and sadly we sometims struggle to stay weekly. Reviews and ratings really help and the more coverage the show gets, the easier it is to produce content! Please pop along and give us a rating. Thanks!

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