Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


It's business as usual at good ol' Kraken Cove!

In episode 79 Benny & Matt settle down for a bit of casting, and they examine some very rum shennanigans in the Queen's funeral queue, they look at they look at the Mary Celeste of the skies, the L-8 Ghost Blimp, they nip to Ireland to hear of Fairy Voices in the Woods and much much more!!

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Kraken Cove Podcast is back with a special episode dedicated to Matt's new career as a full time artist. Together we explore the landscape and studio of a new professional creative, what it takes to survive and the myriad influences and inspirations of everyday life.

I hope you enjoy it!


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It's episode 77 of Kraken Cove!

Yet again we struggle a bit to stay weeekly but hopefully we're still pretty regular!

This week Benny and Matt take a pootle around Kraken Cove graveyard, and while there they ponder the opening of a mystery sarcophagus at Notre Dame, some scary scarecrow sexy action, The Sandown Clown, Rock and Roll ghosts, The Japanese Kappa and a brief look at English traditions including the Sheela na Gig!

We're committed to creating new shows, but time isn't always with us and sadly we sometims struggle to stay weekly. Reviews and ratings really help and the more coverage the show gets, the easier it is to produce content! Please pop along and give us a rating. Thanks!

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It's Episode 76 of KRAKEN COVE PODCAST and Matt and Benny find themselves in a bit of a pickle, and not of the egg variety! They're locked on the roof of the lighthouse with no way down, so will a bit of casting help them?

Not likely, but it's worth a shout!

In this episode the lads examine Virgin Boy Eggs, The Canoe Man's efforts to beat the Russians, a possible werewolf at an RAF base, Barry Chuckle's Ghost, some VERY sticky fingers leading to a huge fine, and much much more!

Enjoy the show, and if you do, leave a review!

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It's Episode 75 of Kraken Cove and Benny is out of isolation!!

This week is a 'classic' show - daft news stories and lots of laughs, no set theme!

This week Benny and Matt take in the warm air of a mild Spring at the Cove and discuss a lass with bloody massive eyebrows, a shot glass sex aid missing in action for four years, a woman in a sexual relationship with a huge toy aeroplane, a dog dirt dust up and Margaret Thatcher's hunt for Nessie! And, believe it or not, there's much much more! Tune in, tell your friends, spread the love! Find KRAKEN COVE on ALL podcast platforms and if you can, please leave a review on the Apple Podcast platform!


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It's episode 74 of KRAKEN COVE!

This week, please bear with us... Benny got COVID and logistics were a nightmare. there's some rather odd background sounds for the more careful listener and rather stressful recording factors but we did our best!

In this show we finally look at a proper big hitter - SPRINGHEEL JACK!!! But not just this super weird pouncer. we look at him in the context of other Phantom Attackers around the world, namely The London Monster, The Halifax Slasher, The Mad Gasser of Mattoon and the Dehli Monkey Man! This is a big one, folks, so please strap in!!

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Welcome to episode 73 of Kraken Cove, the Podcast that shines a Beacon onto the Bizarre!

This week Matt and Benny take to the Kraken Cove Fallout Shelter to avoid WWIII but don't spend theri time there foolishly! The remote operated lighthouse casts it's beacon onto many strange subjects.

This week the lads look at the evicton of a massive swingers club, sentient microwave ovens, The Ghost of Kyiv and Test Pilot Bears, among many other mad rambles!

Unfortunately this week, the antique computer used to record the show malfunctioned and we lost part of the show, but we chose to release it anyway! We do hope you still enjoy it and steps are being taken to ensure it doesn't happen again. Enjoy!

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In this episode Matt and Benny kick back with a mixed bag of stories from the local rag, the Kraken Cove Clarion. It's a great paper, full of nothing but strange stories and bits of fun. No huge standout dives this week, just a catch up on headlines, silly stories and some listener input to send Matt and Benny down the usual convoluted warren of rabbit holes!

A few links.

First, a big thank you to Leanne's Beauty Blog for our sweetly scented gifts! Find her on YouTube at Leanne's Beauty Blog

We discuss conclusive proof of Rogue Waves - the simulated clip from buoy evidence can found at

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February 18, 2022

Episode 71 - GNOMES!!!

Yes, you heard it right, GNOMES!!!

You know what they are.... or do you?

An essential item in the 70's garden, also a kitsch addition to the modern garden perhaps, but what is a gnome, and why are we even interested in them?

Dive into the world of these wonderful little people with Matt and Benny, find out what the Hell is going on at the bottom of the garden, and perhaps solve some very mundane mysteries closer to home!

Youtube links to the freaky gnome footage can be found here:

and here:

And if YOU have seen a gnome, let us know at



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Welcome, one and all, to Kraken Cove Episdoe 70!!

Benny and Matt hit the beach for an unseasonal picnic, and while they sip a beer and snaffle a scotch egg, they indulge in a spot of casting!

In this episode they focus the lighthouse lamp onto more Ty Delorean news, rumours of outer space sea beasties, a giant forest for the Flat Earthers, some VERY sexy beasts and some wonderful poetry about strange horses!

Many thanks to Deep Dive Dave for his contribution with his soundscape and reading of the incredibly atmospheric poem The Horses by Edwin Muir. To find more of Dave's work please go to




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