Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


It's finally here! Our bumper Halloween Special has arrived!

Matt has been on the mainland interviewing listeners for their amazing and terrifying tales, but while he's been away, Benny has succumbed to dark forces!

The only thing that can shed light on the darkness is a bit of casting!

This week is a monster in more ways than one. It's nearly two hours long but we advise you to download the episode and save it for Halloween, start listening at 11pm, and we'll give you thrills and chills right through the witching hour!

Happy Halloween from Kraken Cove!

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This is the fourth of five Halloween Specials! Once again Benny and Matt are round the campfire, listening  to your weird stories!

This week things are distinctly strange.

Odd autopsies, a disappearing dinner, strange lights, a bizarre buzz... All this and much more at Kraken Cove!

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We're back around the campfire with Benny and Matt, and the lads are listening on their Walkman to the tapes sent in by our lovely listeners!

We have hauntings and strange events of all descriptions, so it's over to you guys for once - chill Matt & Benny to the bone with your scary tales!

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Join Matt and Ben once again around the campfire for the second episode in our Halloween Bonanza!

In this episode, Matt tells Benny some spooky tales from Northern England, some well known, some not so familiar!

Bring a flask of something hot, as the fire might be warm, but you'll soon get the chills!

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Gather round the bonfire on Kraken Cove beach with Benny and Matt as they tell you true stories from their own lives.

Hauntings, strange apparitions, unexplainable phenomenon, we've got it all at the first of four Kraken Cove Spooky October Halloween Specials!

So grab a stick and a fistful of marshmallows, stare into the crackling flames of the fire, and listen to our hair raising, spine tingling tales!

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