Join Matt & Ben at Kraken Cove lighthouse, where the brothers shine a beacon onto weird news stories, myths, legends, and all things bizarre.


The boys are mourning the passing of a great man....  but as usual are on the wrong page! down at the storage sheds, Matt & Benny cast out across the Cove for some more weirdness, and arent disappointed!

They cover facts about Prince Philip you won't find on the 24 hout coverage, religious zombie warnings, Suez Canal Erotic Fan fiction, tripping phone apps, and much much more!

Strap into your bamboo aeroplane, give praise to the insestuous royal gods, and dive into KRAKEN COVE!!!

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The tyrannical rampage of the Easter Bunny is brough to a dramatic end at Kraken Cove this week, and Matt & Benny brew up a well earned pot of tea before cracking on with Kraken Cove!

This week, the lads examine MORE gender reveal carnage, yet MORE angry octopus aggro, a tiny tot with triple todger troubles, China's attempt to whitewash genocide through the mediums of song and dance, the moral quandary of artificial life, and much, much more!

So tighten up your shoe laces, pop some safety glasses on and prepare your ears for a rollercoaster of rampant rudery, it's KRAKEN COVE!

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The boys are enjoying what frugal snacks they can muster while Rowboat Pete blocks the shipping lanes!

To pass the time, Matt casts his light out and examines the weird stories behid the Evergreen's Ever Given cargo vessel's stranding, a Satan Shoe scandal, a lack of sex arses, venomous humans and a sweet offer to eat cheeses!

So get your tug boats in place, team, we're gonna need a Hell of a lot of tugging!

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