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Welcome back to KRAKEN COVE!!

In episode 55 we look at folk who got rather too familiar with the animal kingdom ( Benny included), but more importantly we take a look at the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Tape, arguably both the most famous AND controversial Bigfoot film footage on the planet.  Benny thinks it's genuine, Matt is sure it's fake... LET BATTLE COMMENCE!! Either way it's a pretty fascinating subject!

Can we also say that it's nearly the Spooky Month, October, the run up to our favourite feast, HALLOWEEN!! Please get in touch with any stories, sightings or anecdotes, and our favourite story will receive a very special prize!!

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It's time to pop on a tin foil hat because the world has gone a bit crazy!

Yes, at Kraken Cove we're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the madness, but never fear! A bit of casting out the lighthouse light can illuminate the world a little bit.

This week we look at little people again - real, or imagined? We roll straight into the Gremlins of WWII, we cover a few Strange Deaths, we examine a lady who claims to be married to the ghost of the kiddy fiddling King of Pop, and we FINALLY examine the peculiar tale of the Niner's Quarry Thing!

So crack out the tinfoil, fashion yourself a thought-proof fedora, and listen to KRAKEN COVE!

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